Generals Ice Cream was purchased from Marty and Lisa Pauken in 2008. While under the previous ownership it was called Jacky's Depot which came to Whitehouse in 1994. After 7 years, Jacky's son Marty and his wife Lisa bought the store in 2001 and had 7 more successful years. On April 1, 2008 Generals Ice Cream opened its doors with a new name and a fresh coat of paint.

I, the current owner, Brian Carroll, worked at Jacky's Depot while in high school at Anthony Wayne. While attending  BGSU the opportunity came up to purchase Jacky's Depot from Marty and Lisa. It was only 4 months later when the deal was done and many hours spent learning how to be successful. It was a difficult decision whether to change the name or keep the name of the already successful business. I decided to change the name to a very intimate, community oriented name and something that everyone in the area would fall in love with. 

I can honestly say that the customers we have at Generals Ice Cream are the most supportive and caring people. Over and over, customers compliment our team members and treat them like young adults. Whitehouse is a great place to live and has many family oriented qualities. 


Over the years..

Originally, this building was a grain elevator. The scale is still here, it was too heavy to move.